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What Are Variables?

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15 minutes, Pre-algebra level

WHAT ARE VARIABLES? shows how to express simple problems in the form of "mathematical sentences," and introduces the idea of using a symbol to hold a place for a value. Unknown numbers are explained and expanded to include variables. The colorful, engaging animations help bridge the gap between math as numerical manipulation and math that describes the physical world.

LESSON ONE illustrates how math problems describe the real world. A mathematical sentence is defined and illustrated. The concept of equality on both sides of the equal sign is reinforced.
LESSON TWO defines an unknown. Various fun, colorful examples are used to illustrate how a variable can hold a place for a value we choose. The practice of using symbols for a variable in a mathematical sentence is explained.
LESSON THREE poses several sample problems, and visually converts these problems into mathematical sentences. The variables are pointed out, and the problems solved.

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