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The World of Circles

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24 minutes, Grades 4 and up

THE WORLD OF CIRCLES defines a circle and its parts. Animated graphics illustrate and explain radius, diameter, circumference, and area. Special attention is given to illustrating the concept of Pi. Prerequisites for THE WORLD OF CIRCLES are an understanding of decimals, and basic math skills. The idea of substitution of variables into formulas is reinforced by viewing this video.

LESSON ONE defines a circle, and shows how a circle is constructed. Radius and diameter are defined and illustrated.
LESSON TWO introduces circumference and the concept of Pi. A clear animated graphic helps to give a lasting impression of the meaning and importance of Pi. The formula for the circumference is developed. Sample problems are solved to reinforce concepts.
LESSON THREE presents the formula for the area of a circle. Example problems are solved, and problems are presented to the viewer to solve. The concept of squaring a number is reinforced.

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