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Decimals: To Be Exact

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Each tape 20 minutes, Grades 4 and up.

This two tape series clearly presents the concept of decimal numbers. Through many real-life examples, the viewer will discover that decimals help people count and measure with more accuracy.


LESSON ONE develops the concept of being exact when measuring or counting.
LESSON TWO defines decimal numbers, and illustrates the function of the decimal point.
LESSON THREE extends place value to the right of the decimal point, and presents guidelines for reading and writing decimals correctly.


LESSON ONE explores the concept of place value to the right of the decimal point.
LESSON TWO illustrates how both decimal numbers and fractions express parts of a whole or set.
LESSON THREE models the process of adding and subtracting decimal numbers.

AP016Decimals: To Be Exact - Part I, VHS$29.95
AP016CDecimals: To Be Exact - Part I Blackline Masters$3.00
AP016DVDDecimals To Be Exact - Part I, DVD$34.95
AP017Decimals: To Be Exact - Part II, VHS$29.95
AP017CDecimals: To Be Exact - Part II Blackline Masters$3.00
AP017DVDDecimals To Be Exact - Part II, DVD$34.95
AP018Decimals: To Be Exact - Two VHS Tape Set$54.95
AP018CDecimals: To Be Exact - Black Line Masters Set$6.00
AP018DVDDecimals to Be Exact - Two DVD Set$64.95